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Shipping terms:
FOB Karachi or CIF to destination

Minimum order quantity:
Minimum order quantity is 10 x 20ft container.

Depending on the shapes and dimensions of the products, we normally pack on wooden pallets and in crates.
Duly fumigated wood is used in making pallets and crates, the items are settles in layers over the pallets or adjusted in a crate with carton partitions

Bar-codes,  labels and tags can by printed &  supplied according to customer’s requirement. The instructions need to be sent to us 30 days before shipment. All labeling charges are included in the selling prices as mentioned above.

Production lead time:
Production lead time is normally 60 days for the 1st shipment, and expected faster following shipment of the same products in single order, we could produce and ship following containers  in 40-45 days.
Productions can be delayed due to bad weather, however, we always keep eye on met surveys to line-up our production programs accordingly specially in season time, and keep our customers informed about expected production delays.

The pallet packing system is won’t let the pots to move or collide with each other, pots remain firm in the transit. However, due to fragile in nature, there could be minor breakages while being unloaded on POD for checking purposes and then at re-loading. Approx 4% breakage tolerance in sales agreement to be allowed by customers.

All insurances should be arranged by the buyer.

We provide samples at no cost, but the air freight/transportation of the sample delivery will be in account of buyer, buyers can either make a collection through their own courier/shipping company or they can provide us the courier account number which could be used to ship the sample.

Custom design requests:
As we are having some of the finest craftsmen working with us, we accept custom design request from customer, so if you have any new designs which you want us to make for you, please write to use with drawings, pictures and required sizes so that we could work over it and provide you with your own desired model.

We can emboss your logo on your ordered pots. If you want us to emboss your company/brand logo on pots, you can send us high resolution picture of the same, we will make a mold of your logo, and emboss at most appropriate area of pot as per your request.