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We are bricks manufacturing company, to be successful by effectively & efficiently utilizing our philosophies, So that we achieve & maintain constantly the High Standards of Product quality & customer satisfaction.

Objective of our product is to decrease the heat penetration through which the environment of inside the building will be comfortable.

Distribution and acquiring strategy will be improved. Customers or target segment will be make awareness about this product.

To implement the strategy we will improve our relationship with supplier and motivate ourlabor force. We will aware out customers through personal marketing.

Product Strategy
We are launching a tile which has two vertical holes in it. The name of this product is Hollow tile which can be use in the roof and also in walls. It will reduce the penetration of heat. The size of the product is 9″ vertical, 4″ horizontal, and 1.5″ height.

Pricing Strategy
We will charge premium price for this product. In case bulk order we can reduce the price.

Place Strategy
We will deliver it in different areas of Lahore. Delivery of this product in 25 km area is free but more than it we will chare delivery expenses.

Promotion Strategy
We plan to market our product by personal marketing. We will introduce or market this product to govt. and provide to local contractors in Lahore. Secondly we will market exhibition in coming year in expo center Lahore. Thirdly we also market it to architectures and engineers in Lahore.

Positioning Strategy
“The people who wants to reduce the heat effects the hollow tile is a tile which work like insulation on the roof it contain two vertically holes in it which absorb direct rays of the sun and reduce the temperature of the room”

Sales plan
We already have an out let in Kot Lakhpat and we will increase our out let in the different areas of Lahore. We will hire some persons for the sale purpose which will educate the local customer, contractor and architect about this product.

Three Year Marketing Plan

Year 1
In first phase we will launch our Hollow tile in Lahore with increase in sales outlet. Also working on our exports.

Year 2
We will launch Hollow tile in the surrounding areas of Lahore with the increase in sales out lets.

Year 3
We will launch our product in Faisalabad with the help of new complete production setup to confirm the distribution of product to the city as well as the surrounding areas of Faisalabad.


They can enhance their business by establishing plants in big cities like Karachi, Islamabad and Faisalabad. In this way they can decrease their cost of transportation. To avoid the disaster in rainy season they can provide roof to the labor and material. Their must be some kind of store rooms to store the coal. They should advertise their product at print media as well as on TV. They should contract with private contractors in order to increase their market share in private sector. There should be proper check and balance over employees in second shifts also.

Our Future

Future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams. We take pride in catering to select class of customers with high ideals, dreaming of ultimate. It is the dream of our customers that is taking us places.

While today is the ultimate reality, tomorrow is a mystery. We believe in the beauty of the unseen while making the efforts not only to uncover it but also to turn it into reality and present it as a further value addition to the lifestyle of our customers.

We are working on your dreams. We are in the process of constant improvements in our existing product line. We are committed to innovations targeting further expansion in our range of products. Furthering our promise towards a complete home, Promo Brick would be adding to its tiles range, porcelains vanity tops, kitchen tops, stair step and facades. We would request you the customer being our inspiration, never to stop dreaming. As long as you keep dreaming of beauty, we will continue to take ours further, for you – Insha Allah!